Friday, 14 May 2010

Digital Film Production: Developing a Concept

With the first film out of the way it comes down to creating a new concept for a film in which I will have complete creative control, I've had some difficulty trying to come up with a concept to start working with and I've narrowed it down to a few concepts of a previous many. The first one is a fairly atmospheric and is inspired by the viral marketing adverts for the Halo video game series much like the one below:

The idea is to bring a cinematic/blockbuster type of feel with over dramatics to playing the Halo video game, I even went as far as to write out a script outline what would happen. The film above and other block buster movies would most likely lead the influence in the direction of the short film but I feel the concept maybe a little too long to fit into one minute. I even thought about adding in a narration of some point to help build the emotion of the scene. Much like the last film I made this one plays with the audiences expectations and it would be pulling of the reveal which would require the most work.

My next concept is a follow on from my short graphic novel I created at the end of a previous course, this time following on either the same character's story or one from a similar situation (it's not imperative that it be the same character) coming to terms with the workings of the world and that the pain caused by others is marginal compared to the pain of utter loneliness, for this I envision a fairly blank set allowing me to easily add some SFX. It would be interesting to try some rotoscoping to emulate the art work that was featured in my comic (an example is below).

The main idea for the content in way of script comes from both this but a specific scene from the television series Neon Genesis Evangelion, in which a character goes through a similar transgression of realisation. I really feel the asethtic from this sepcific scene would suit well in continuing the narrative of my graphic novel. Below is the scene.

Both these films will require a huge amount of work in the direction and editing, whilst being very different. Such as one being more blockbuster influenced and another being more conceptually influenced but I feel that if I focus on which ever idea I choose I should be able to create something that should look quite impressive. Before I leave you in this post you will find below is an image of the rough drafts of the scripts I've written for both concepts, enjoy I guess.


  1. You're also interested in Rotoscoping? Something I personally am into as well; worth a little investigation? Maybe a little side project to send off to a comp?


  2. I did a short test, 2 hours to create 4 seconds at 12 fps