Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Digital Film Production: First day of shooting

So the first session of shooting has been wrapped up but, there were a number of challenges my team and I had to face such as getting the lighting just right to eliminate shadows, learning how to use the boom mic correctly and finally learning to use the limited space of the Infinity Curve to the best potential to achieve the shots I wanted. I got lots of great help from Ben and David in setting up the equipment as well as helping documenting the filming for easy editing next week, my actress Jessica was a great help as well considering most of this day was off the cuff and it was the first time she had seen the script.

We all had a great dynamic when working with each other, and I tried to make sure to manage people without pushing them or being unreasonable. I've learned that when making a shoot you have to make sure everyone is enjoying themselves otherwise it may become a big strain, and through being organised and friendly with everyone I feel I got everything that I needed for this scene but I confirmed with everyone that if I needed to re shoot any scenes would they be available? and Luckily they agreed, so I feel I have built up a good relationship with my cast and crew. Below are some photos taken during filming, as always click to enlarge!

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