Thursday, 20 May 2010

Check This Out: Flip Note Studio and Other Things

So recently I purchased the Nintendo DSi and after much suffering with the internet and trying to get it to connect but it was successful after an hour of staring at this screen below:

Once the DSi was all set up the first thing I wanted to do was check out "Flip Note Studio" as I had heard so much about it and reall wanted to try it out! So after downloading it at the low cost of 0 nintendo points I was rearing to go! and below is the outcome of that first 15 mins with Flip Note Studio, for other animations I think I will plan it out a little better and spend more time on them.

Overall the interface to use Flip Note Studio isn't all that hard but I have to say it's quite difficult at first when working with such a small screen and kind of makes me wish I had opted for the DSiXL but nonetheless I'm happy with this, expect to see some more Flip Note Animation from me in the future. For those who have as DSi of any variation I recommend giving Flipnote Book studio a try, really simple, really fun and if you keep at it you can create some really cool things!

Check out the Flip Note Studio Home Page where you can view and share Flip Note animations!:
Flipnote Hatena

On another point though, whilst the DSi connects using the advance settings why is it the one machine of my various consoles that doesn't connect to my router. Why does the wii work with my current settings but not my DS games?? I wish Nintendo weren't so weird about online connectivity I mean, I like the security settings as it is, it keeps all my valuable information safe but they're apparently too tough for the DS's games. If anyone knows of a solution to this without the changing of my security settings on my router or buying the overpriced and obsolete (doesn't work with windows 7) nintendo wifi usb connector please tell me! I Want to race on Mario Kart and trade pokemons!

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