Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Digital Film Production: Padding out an idea

After a lengthy discussion of how we could approach the different ideas, in the end we settled on the stalker idea as it fit the purpose of the brief excellently. This would be an exercise into the film creation process and we found that most of the shots we can get will take place within the college and around the local area, we outlined dialogue that would be used in the film including a rough out line of where we would shoot. All that's left is to draw up a story board outlining the shots and how they will be filmed.

We've also been given an induction on some of the equipment we will be expected to use during our productions such as the track and dolly which as used in conjunction with the camera to complete tracking shots. We were also introduced to the lighting system in the form of "red head" lights which can be very handy when trying to get the right lighting in a scene.

Overall today has been an interesting learning experience. Once we have the storyboard we can start shooting. I hope it'll be exciting!

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