Monday, 12 April 2010

Contextual Studies: Essay Outline

For my essay I wanted to look at how the videogame industry has changed and what effect it has had on children today, unfortunatley after trying to approach this topic from different angles I decided that my desired topic is a bit to extensive and deep for the requirements of the essay. I've finally settled on the topic of "How the VideoGaming Audience has Changed and What Effect is Has Had on Entertianment in The VideoGame Industry".

My rough plan for the essay is to first outline videogaming origins and how it has developed to the level it has got today and how it's audience has changed with it and what effects the audience has had on the industry as a whole. I'll then round it all up with where the videogame industry could be heading.

For reasearch I plan to look at the top selling charts, previous videogames and the advancements in technology leading to how they got to their current level. The video game user demographic such as the most common type of game bought by who and average age of the consumer. I'll also be looking at Upcoming games and upcoming features and inventions to do with videogame technology to predict where the industry is going to next.

At the moment it's clear that the videogame industry is rivaling that of movies with their high production costs and that it's been split into two clear markets: The "Hardcore" and "Casual". I want to investigate into how thats changed and how it may effect the future of the videogame industry.

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