Tuesday, 20 April 2010

The brief and ideas

In this new project I will be working in a team to create two short films. The first film which is predominately team based will be two minutes long based on one of the following themes: A Love Scene, A Fight Scene or A Chase Scene. In my team I will be working with Ben and Will. This two minute film will be planned, developed, shot edited and finalised by all three of us. The second Film will be a 1 minute film of completely my own creation giving me complete creative control, but it must include at least 1 visual FX shot within the film. This one minute film can be anything that I desire ranging from a fictitious film trailer, a documentary or even a faux television show opening. It will be difficult to create an idea which will require a visual fx shot but hopefully I'll be able to create one.

The Team and I have already met for a brain storming session on developing an idea for our short film below is a list of the ideas we came up with:

Focusing on a man's obsession with keeping up to date with the latest technology.

A dramatic fight of equally skilled opponents as they fight over an online game

"One Liner"
A man who tells the same joke to a various groups of people. The man is a manic depressive.

A Man is followed by another. The stalker is just trying to return a wallet.

Those were the most padded out ideas that we developed, there were various other ideas that we could not develop futher. From these ideas we will pick one to further develop and discuss shooting, timing and other elements that could effect the out come of the look of the film.

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