Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Monster Hunter Competition!

Yo! whats up capcom are holding a competition to win a black wii signed by the creator of monster hunter and the new monster hunter game for nintendo wii! all you have to do is make a trailer advertising why monster hunter is soo good! I've already put mine up! check it out at the link below! show it to your friends! give it 5 stars!! woo go monster hunter, yeah!!!

Monster Hunter Competition Page!

I am aware that this is shameless self promoting to win a competition but hey, who wouldn't?

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Ken Recommends: Critter Crunch

This week I Recommend at least trying out this cool little puzzle game, "Critter Crunch" (Available for iPhone and Playstation 3. Version Reviewed: iPhone). A fairly simple game in that you have to feed smaller creatures to larger ones to clear rows of the same colour and eat the jewels that appear. Once you have enough jewels you can progress to the next level.

The controls are relatively simple on the iPhone version, use your finger to slide Biggs, your jewel hungry furry companion along the bottom. To grab a critter using Biggs' long tongue you simple tap the lovable lil' guy. You can then throw these critters into the mouths of others to activate chain combos and clearing the rows. The presentation is superb and creates an oddly nostalgic feel to go with pixels for the iPhone version (where as the PS3 version is vector animated characters and backgrounds), everything that you need to see on the screen is there and nothing feels forced in there. The music is also pleasant to listen to whilst you play and fits incredibly well with the game's visuals.

The art style is an immediate eye catcher, with the unique looking Biggs it's always fun to watch him eat-up the adorable critters and with a variety of backgrounds the game always feels fresh to play. The difficulty level works very well as for the first 10 levels things are relatively simple and easy making it very accessible to anyone who picls up the game, as the levels progress new types of critters begin to appear such as the ever irritating blocking critter making things a lot harder at times. Luckily if you fail a level you're always allowed to retry unfortunately this comes at the cost of points being deducted from you total score.

As the game gets more difficult Biggs will have more power-ups available to him, these power-ups include items such as chilies which when fed to a critter will make them explode in a line of flames, clearing one full row of other critters. These power-ups are only obtained by pulling off larger combos, but sometimes they'll appear with ones such as the food chain combo. (A food chain happens when you have a large critter behind a medium critter after feeding the medium critter a small critter.)

Critter Crunch features lots of re-play as the core game itself is incredibly engrossing and will make you come back for more, especially in later levels. The game also feature two additional modes: Puzzle mode where in you have unlimited time but only so many moves to clear the screen of critters and Time trial mode where in you have to clear the screen before the timer runs out. With three modes to choose all featuring over 30 levels to play and a bargain of an asking price Critter Crunch is well worth the investment for the quick blast or the odd binge, a truly puzzle game classic.

Critter Crunch is Available in the iTunes and Playstation Network stores

Creators of Critter Crunch, Capy's Website below:

Digital Film Production: Padding out an idea

After a lengthy discussion of how we could approach the different ideas, in the end we settled on the stalker idea as it fit the purpose of the brief excellently. This would be an exercise into the film creation process and we found that most of the shots we can get will take place within the college and around the local area, we outlined dialogue that would be used in the film including a rough out line of where we would shoot. All that's left is to draw up a story board outlining the shots and how they will be filmed.

We've also been given an induction on some of the equipment we will be expected to use during our productions such as the track and dolly which as used in conjunction with the camera to complete tracking shots. We were also introduced to the lighting system in the form of "red head" lights which can be very handy when trying to get the right lighting in a scene.

Overall today has been an interesting learning experience. Once we have the storyboard we can start shooting. I hope it'll be exciting!

The brief and ideas

In this new project I will be working in a team to create two short films. The first film which is predominately team based will be two minutes long based on one of the following themes: A Love Scene, A Fight Scene or A Chase Scene. In my team I will be working with Ben and Will. This two minute film will be planned, developed, shot edited and finalised by all three of us. The second Film will be a 1 minute film of completely my own creation giving me complete creative control, but it must include at least 1 visual FX shot within the film. This one minute film can be anything that I desire ranging from a fictitious film trailer, a documentary or even a faux television show opening. It will be difficult to create an idea which will require a visual fx shot but hopefully I'll be able to create one.

The Team and I have already met for a brain storming session on developing an idea for our short film below is a list of the ideas we came up with:

Focusing on a man's obsession with keeping up to date with the latest technology.

A dramatic fight of equally skilled opponents as they fight over an online game

"One Liner"
A man who tells the same joke to a various groups of people. The man is a manic depressive.

A Man is followed by another. The stalker is just trying to return a wallet.

Those were the most padded out ideas that we developed, there were various other ideas that we could not develop futher. From these ideas we will pick one to further develop and discuss shooting, timing and other elements that could effect the out come of the look of the film.

Monday, 12 April 2010

Contextual Studies: Essay Outline

For my essay I wanted to look at how the videogame industry has changed and what effect it has had on children today, unfortunatley after trying to approach this topic from different angles I decided that my desired topic is a bit to extensive and deep for the requirements of the essay. I've finally settled on the topic of "How the VideoGaming Audience has Changed and What Effect is Has Had on Entertianment in The VideoGame Industry".

My rough plan for the essay is to first outline videogaming origins and how it has developed to the level it has got today and how it's audience has changed with it and what effects the audience has had on the industry as a whole. I'll then round it all up with where the videogame industry could be heading.

For reasearch I plan to look at the top selling charts, previous videogames and the advancements in technology leading to how they got to their current level. The video game user demographic such as the most common type of game bought by who and average age of the consumer. I'll also be looking at Upcoming games and upcoming features and inventions to do with videogame technology to predict where the industry is going to next.

At the moment it's clear that the videogame industry is rivaling that of movies with their high production costs and that it's been split into two clear markets: The "Hardcore" and "Casual". I want to investigate into how thats changed and how it may effect the future of the videogame industry.