Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition, worth it's weight?

Last Friday saw the release of Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition, whilst this is more of a re-release for those who might not of have the chance to play it before it has a little extra something included.

In recent trend of downloadable content (DLC for short) and big budget games, it's becoming more common to see two releases of the same game, one at it's first release date and a second about a year on with some or all of the DLC. Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition is the latter but the question is, can a year old game albeit with new content be re-released and put on sale at full price? Lets take a look at the X-Box 360 version, you get a brand new cover and layout to show you this isn't the same game as the one from last year, even presenting characters from the DLC and a small image that lists whats new in the box unfortunately that's all it really is, a repackaging.

First of all what do you get in your Gold Edition? The blockbuster title Resident Evil 5, online versus mode, The Mercenaries Reunion, 4 new costumes, extra figures to collect in game and of course the two downloadable level packs "Lost in Nightmares" and "Desperate Escape". Let's cut to the chase, we all know Resident Evil 5 is a great game so lets look at these new features, the online versus mode is essentially 4 player Mercenaries mode with the exception that other players can attack you, at the end the team with the most points wins, simple enough. Versus mode is quite fun but fustrating if you're a new player as most other players seem more seasoned but you should be able to pick up fairly quickly. The Mercenaries Reunion is the mercenaries mode found on the disc but with new costumes and characters including Barry Burton and Rebecca Chambers, these should keep fans of the game occupied for some time as it adds much more longevity to the game than previously.

(Chris and Jill face familar challenges)

The "Lost in Nightmares" level gives players a chance to experience the prelude to Resident Evil 5. Set in a Mansion similar to the one from Resident Evil Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine have been searching for Albert Wesker to arrest him for his crime against humanity, this level is more like a trip down memory lane with a format more a kin to the series's origin, for those who miss Resident Evil's Survival Horror roots this is the level for you. Unfortunately it's quite short and the puzzles arn't too challenging, it will leave you wanting more but for add-on content it's pretty decent at providing good entertainment and missing pieces of the story from Resi 5. "Desperate Escape" fills in the gaps of how Jill Valentine and Josh Stone escape from the Tri-Cell Facility and meet up with Chris and Sheva. This level is pure action and really provides quite a challenge even on normal mode, lasting around 1 hour this is a level you have to keep your wits about you as it can get really hectic! It'll definitely keep fans coming back for more.

(Josh and Jill are prepared, but are you?)

Whilst overall the price of £30 isn't bad considering all the extras you're getting the main problem is the disc is exactly the same as the one that comes with the first edition of Resi 5 and oddly, Capcom have chosen to include all the DLC via a download code featured on the back of the game manual. This seems like poor planning as you're getting the same package just with a download code bumping the price from £20 for the greatest hits edition to £30, an extra £10 for a single code to get digital material. Whilst this probably made sinse in planning what if the consumer didn't have an Internet connection? What if their Hard drive gets damaged or corrupt? Will there be a way to redeem the extra content? With the Playstation version of Gold Edition including all this content on the disc it's odd that it's not on the 360 version, if it couldn't fit on one disc why didn't they include an extra disc will all the features to install onto the machine? When compared to similar editions of other games it just makes Resident Evil stand out in a bad way.

(The only cereal I need)

For fans who have yet to experience Resident Evil 5 this is the perfect package containing the the game and all it's extras but for those who have already played it it may be best to give this one a miss, in the end it's down to your own opinion, If you want all the DLC go for it! Just be prepared for the content to not be on the disc of the 360 version.

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