Thursday, 4 March 2010

Ken Recommends: Super Mario World

When it comes to video games we currently live in a time where almost any world can be realised using the latest technology to create what the artist has designed. Sometimes it can be easy to look down on previous achievements and merits of yester-years videogames. Today I present to you a game from a series you all know but may not have played, this game is "Super Mario World".

Released originally in Japan on The Super Nintendo Entertainment System almost 20 years ago this 2-D, side scrolling platformer still has many things to offer video game designers when creating thier own IPs. So, let's look atwhat makes this game one of the best in it's own genre. First of all there's the characters: Mario, Luigi, King Koopa/Bowser, Troopa Koopas and Bullet Bills to name just a few. These are all staple characters of the then 5 year old franchise, Mario world takes these great characters and gives you even more than ever before in vibrant 16-bit colour, this is all thanks to the Super Nintendo's extra processing power. Most importantly this game introduces Yoshi the Dinosaur, a large friendly bi-pedal pal who lets mario ride on his back and will eat any enemies in the way. Yoshi will once again be appearing alongside Mario in the soon to be released Super Mario Galaxy 2.

Next, within each of Super Mario World's eight realms there is a host of different levels each with their own unique level design some with hidden exits making for great re-playability. Each vibrant level and realm has a very stylistic approach that soon became the staple of future Mario Games. Another Good point is that theres a very well thought out difficulty curve that starts the player off on average ground and builds from there, taking what the player has learnt from previous levels and applying it to later ones. This game was also the first console Mario game in the series which allowed players to replay levels which makes for choosing a favourite level much easier as you can replay it over and over if you wish. Finally for those who think they can master what the the game can throw at them then theres the secret Star Road Challenge levels which can be just mind boggling if you're not prepared.

(Simple but Vibrant and Memorable.)

The Music which goes with Mario World fits it superbly, everything from overworld themes to tunes played in levels. what's more is that even after years of not playing and returning to play the game you can find yourself humming along with the catchy melodies, truly that's a sign of good composing. Another great thing is it's Controls are very simple consisting of run, jump and hold mechanics making it very accessible to many different players.

For these same reasons "New Super Mario Bros. Wii" did extremely well on the Wii last year. For older gamers this game will be more like a trip of nostagia but for younger gamers who enjoyed "NSMB. Wii" this will be more like an enjoyable history lesson to see where most of the lovable characters we've come to know over the years have came from. Super Mario World is a classic game for all audiences in the truest sense, if you haven't played this game already I highly urge you to as it's one of if not the greatest side scrolling platform ever created.

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