Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Ken Recommends: Kick-Ass

Release: 26/03/10
Running Time: 117 mins.
Studio: Marv Films
Genre: Action/Adventure
Rating: 15+
Director: Matthew Vaughn
Writer: Jane Goldman, Mark Millar
Starring: Aaron Johnson, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Chole Mortez and Nicolas Cage

Why hasn't anyone tried being a superhero before? Because, they'd be dead in like a day! That's just the tip of the insanely epic iceberg that is Kick-Ass!

Dave Lizewski (Aaron Johnson) is an ordinary teenager, he's not the funny one, he's not even the geeky one, like most kids that age he just exists. Being a fan of comics Dave begins to speculate why no-one has ever tried to be superhero before and so donning a wet suit and calling himself "Kick-ass" Dave begins to patrol the city. Soon his heroics are caught on camera and posted all over the internet becomming an overnight sensation, not long after other costumed crime fighters begin to appear and intervine with a New York Mafia's Drug enterprise, enraging their boss Frank D'amico (Mark Strong) who believes it's Kick-ass who has been knocking off all his subordonates. Dave soon finds out that being a superhero really can get you killed and find allies in the form of Hit-Girl (Clohe Mortez) and Big Daddy (Nicolas Cage) two don't-hold-back crime fighters which makes Dave think that possibly he's in way over his head.

Based off the 2008 comic by Scottish writer Mark Millar and american artist John Romita Jr. The movie stays surprisingly true to the tone and feel of the 8 issue series and in it's truest sense is a super hero movie but it's one that's going to stick out more than any other. A film is the perfect warm up to hollywood blockbusters as it presents a range of likeable characters,
this film is ultra violent, full of black humour and amazing action scenes. There are many memorable scenes that will keep you talking about it days after you've seen it and the characters are down right awesome, audiences will find an immediate favourite in Chloes Mortez as Hit-girl with her brash language and hard knocking fighting skills. Nic Cage's portrayal of Big Daddy is a mix of the Nolan Bros. Batman and the old Adam West Batman giving a cool yet quirky character. Of course Dave is a great character to get behind, a kind of new age Peter Parker who isn't as smart or strong or even responsible this makes for some great veiwing.

With stunning action scenes and over the top attitude this films is a must for fans of actions films as this film will blow you away with it's outrageous presentation of violence that'll leave you cringing in your seat in a good way. The acting is top notch and the sound track makes action scenes all the more intense, this is going to be a superhero film of a generation. Cutting in just at the end of March, Kick-Ass is the best film of the month, it left me giddy, excited and wanting to buy the DVD already to find out every little thing about it in the special features. In short Kick-Ass simply is an epic superhero movie full of ultre-violence just the way you want it, black comedy and even a little romance, I can't even begin to describe how much I enjoyed this film but it's definetly going to be one of the most memorable films of 2010.

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