Monday, 22 March 2010

Game Art & Design: Wrapping Things Up

When it came to this project I was quite excited to take on the challenge of not just creating one character but four. The process of creating them was quite new too as I was working within a team so I was constantly asking for opinions on my designs and how I could improve them. This was a good dynamic as I felt it helped me create designs much better than if it was just myself working on it, in essence it felt like a professional environment making the experience much more valuable. When it came to creating textures I had to have a huge learning curve but in the end after much perseverance I managed to create some high quality ones using photos.

This process was new and fun especially when it came to mapping the face of a real person to that of the digital avatar's. By the end I felt I had learned quite alot of the process that designs take from beginning to end picking up many new skills along the way ranging from team based ones to that with photoshop. My only regret is that I never go the chance to create the concepts I made for the monsters, but luckily Mark who worked on the set design created an amazing rendition of the large monster in the corner of the level.

I realised how much I had learned when I created the revolver for the Dyer character and how fairly painless and quick it was for me to reach a finished state of a fairly reasonable quality. Overall this was a fun and fairly stress free project as there was much communication between me and my group and the workload was shared quite evenly, what's much better is that the end result was of a higher quality that I did not expect Second Life could present. If I could go back and change anything it would be to find a way to create my monster designs in a 3d environment and manybe even create a cutscene to use the characters and set made to the best of their potential. I've throughly enjoyed this project along with the aspects of texturing, I feel my time spent on this project has been used productively and that I walk away with many new skills and knwoledge of how to tackle the basic tasks of game design and development.

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