Thursday, 18 March 2010

Game Art & Design: Willian Dyer Update IV

Today I focused only on polishing the William Dyer character for the Sunken Temple level. I fixed the the stubble around the chin and the eye lash problem, I then adjusted the the colour of the skin on the neck of the body to match the one on the head. I also fixed up the seams on the head to appear less prominent, this was a fairly simple task and really only require some time and the clone stamp tool.

From there I started to work on the coat, just adjusting minor issues adding a layer of fabric to just to give the coat a little more flair. Since I had used Mark's face for the Character I decided to uses his hands for symmetry's sake, again this was a fairly simple task aswell. Finally today I finished up the coat giving it a larger tail as illustrated in the final concept art. This was done by applying a texture to a skirt layer and using the alpha channel.

With this done the only thing left to do is create the hair, by which I have two options, try using the template, which seems overly complex or use primatives and add a texture afterwards. Hopefully I'll have time to add an accessory such as a revolver or a flaming torch. Within this last week I've learned a lot about texturing videogame characters (at least the principles) and I've successfully managed to map a person's face onto a videogame avatar which I'm particularly proud of. This has been a great challenge for me and I'm glad it's coming to the end soon but I'm proud I've managed to create a high quality avatar that will fit within Mark's level design.

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