Friday, 12 March 2010

Game Art & Design: William Dyer update

When I presented my concept for the William Dyer Character to the group the general consensus was that it was on the right track but lack that adventurer feel, to try address that issue I added a large winter coat. Surprisingly this little addition made all the difference.

Recently I've been trying to get create the face for William Dyer to appear in Second Life, but the process has proven to be quite difficult as I've practically no experience with creating skins. I looked at other example and found it to be extremely difficult to even emulate what I saw. Originally I was just painting the skin in Photoshop but when I applied this to my avatar the result was horrible, I then tried applying the rough layout in Maya using the 3D paint tool and transferring back to photoshop to touch up. This process was a lot easier to work with and this time round I used a much softer brush and paid even closer attention to the methods of other skin textures.

(As you can see, this is frightening.)

I still have to upload the skin into Second Life, but I fell it will look alright, if not it should at least just look better than my first attempt. For the clothing I've decided that I will take photos of the clothing that matches the character design and translate it onto the Second Life templates, this will be a new challenge but I focus I feel it can be pulled off quite well with lasting results. After Seen the amount of work Mark has done with the Level's Setting I really want to create a player that comes close the level of quality Mark has set.

(Getting better)

Due to this hurdle that I face, I've also been looking at professional games and appreciating textures much more than I ever have done, all whilst wondering "Why does it look so good?!"

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