Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Game Art & Design: William Dyer Update II

Since my last attempt at creating a skin for faces I've looked more closer at mid 90s graphics and how people were represented in games such as Medal of Honor. Taking this I then tried to apply it to my own avatar, whilst the result was something better it was still cartoony and in reality not that much beteer than my first attempt but it was clear that I had learned from my past attempt and applied it to this one.

When it came to the clothing I decided to attempt a new way of texture. I aquired clothing that matched the character's design and photographed the images to match the templates provided for their soon to be digital counterparts in Second Life. Through Photoshop wizardry I turned them into textures, the hardest part was making sure the colours matches and didn't seem out of place due to the poor lighting I had at the place where the photos were taken. Overall it proved to be an enlightening experience as I plan on going back fixing all these things and adjusting them.

(Maya proved useful for checking the seams)

With pretty much most of my components ready I just need to tweak and and adjust things here and there to make them fit in with Mark's set design. I also need to go back and reconsider the head, for this I'm going to try photographic referance the same as with the clothing. I'm beginning to get really excited as it's all coming together, but this road hasn't been easy it's be very hard and long although things are finally showing promise.

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