Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Game Art & Design: William Dyer Upate III

As mentioned before when it came to the William Dyer face I would try using a photograph of a persons face and then map it onto the avatar. For the face of William Dyer I decided to use our very own Mark as he fits the description of the character much better than anyone else that I know. I took photos of both the front and side profile of Mark, then importing them into photoshop I speard it across the template using the liquify tool and add the skin texture with the clone stamp. This took some time to adjust the face to match up with the template but overall the results are very promising. This is definetly going to be the face that I use for the character. I just have to touch up aspects of the overall character but after seeing what I can achieve I'm very excited about finalising my side of the project! Below is a the image thats applied to model unwrapped, I think I finally have a hang of this!!!

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