Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Game Art & Design: Small Creature development

So far I've pretty much covered all the creature designs but there's one we haven't seen much of recently and that is the small creature. For this creature I wanted some thing of a large rodent or insect, for this design I developed a large insect about the size of the average lobster taking inspiration from various insects and crustations. When finalising this design (right) I had to think carefully about some of the limitations of Second Life and my skills, this broke the design into it's basic elements and only little details were sacrificed all things considering the final turn around isn't too dis-similar to the final concept art. When it came to developing the final concept art I had a strong vision of what I wanted but I was constantly asking for Mark's opinion, due to this the design ended up even better than ever! From here I'm going to leave it colour duties to Ben aswell as creating the small creature for use in Second Life as he's finished all his duties on Sound Management. The sound fx he created for the small creature fits perfectly and with the rest of the level coming together it's beginning to become a very exciting time down at the studio.

(The final concept art for the small creature, we've come a long way)

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