Friday, 12 March 2010

Game Art & Design: Large Monster Designs

So here I am again to share with you some of the designs for the three monsters that I've been working on for the Sunken Temple Video Game Level. As mentioned previously I've settled on creating 3 sizes of monster ranging from small to large. To the left is one of the first completed concepts I had for the large creature, keeping in style with the source of suggested inspiration of Lovecraftian theme designs. Anyone familiar with the writer H.P. Lovecraft will know that most of his creatures are described as indescribable but are often depicted in images as being squid like or reptilian. When it came to ideas for the large monster it just had to be a gigantic squid-like creature. I tried to give it a bit of a spin by adding obscene amounts of mouths and eyes to give a horror influence to the design.

This was a good starting point but I felt it was lacking, it was also around this time I also learned a new technique in Photoshop that I soon put to use in my next piece of concept art for the large monster. This made painting in Photoshop seem a whole lot more natural, I proceeded to refine my design for the large creature, making it more tentacle like and slightly more designer friendly, especially when it comes to creating it in Second Life. It was around this time I starting thinking of textures to apply to the design, it's clearly going to be a kind of wet look I want so I've been looking at fish like textures.

I feel that I'm stepping the right direction with the tentacle design and I'm having trouble as to how to approach creating a turnaround but at least it will be easy to create due to it's simplistic shape. Whilst the small creatures appear around in various places of the set much like insects, and the medium sized creatures will appear from inside the tunnels of the level, my idea for the larger creature is that it stays dormant around the set, looking like a piece of the scenery until an event triggers it to wake. I feel I'm making great strides with this design and that it'll look great once it's created.

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