Friday, 12 March 2010

Game Art & Design: The Idol

When I've been designing my characters I've been constantly looking at my Team Member Mark's concept art of the Game level (image to the right). First of all the level of detail and thought is outstanding and it's really helped me curve my designs to fit the aesthetic of the level. When Mark was creating this we dicussed some kind of objective for the player to aim for, as you can see in the middle Mark has included an artifact of sorts. Using this as a starting pointed I started to build on this and design the idol.

I decided that the idol would be similar to that seen in the opening of Raiders of the Lost Ark but with a more Lovecraftian vibe. I imagined a skull encased it a red crystal like substance, from there a I drew up a mock image of how it would look and presented it to Mark. He suggested that I try make it more inhuman so I decided to add a few extra eye sockets and adjust the image to seem less human but no un-human.

To the left is the first design, you can see my notes I made when creating this design. I've started to make more of these to help myself remember things when it would come to the time of creating the objects in Second Life.

From here I started to make a more finalised version to import into Second Life. Using the face template that's used for creating a skin texture for an avatar I painted the design of the idol over the top then imported it into Second Life and applied it to a sphere primitive to create the idol. Mark then took the Idol and applied it to the setting.

This was the first time I've used the templates to create something but I feel I have a good understanding of how the maps fold together around a model, this has given me a good level of understanding to next tackle the skin for the William Dyer character, check out the flattened skin below.

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