Monday, 22 March 2010

Game Art & Design: Dyer Final

Now for the final aspect of the William Dyer Character, creating the hair. I knew this would be a challenge as the character design has a very unique style of hair my frist attempt was creating just using a template that would be used over the default hair that would come out of the appearance editor in Second Life. Unfortunately the default hair was not manageable and nor did it look particularly good, so another option was to create a hair piece made up of prims. The basic theory is that by creating lots of little prims and adding some flexi-effects to some of the pieces, in the end this proved to be quite difficult as I couldn't get an accurate depictation of what I had designed I then decided to take a pre-created and edit it until it matched my design, this process was much quicker and easy to handle due to my skills with handeling primitives.

(The Hair in development)

With the hair complete that makes the end of my development and contribution to the project. I feel that the Dyer characters looks great considering it was my first time working with textures, it has been an interesting experience that has challenged my skills along the way resulting in learning a lot of new techniques and methods when it comes to game art and design. Below is the an image of the final version of William Dyer in his game Level.

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