Wednesday, 31 March 2010

3D Entertainment, is it the next step?

When it comes to entertainment over the last decade we've made some pretty impressive leaps and bounds to get to where we are today. With the revival of 3D technology in movies influencing other medias such as Video games and Television to follow, with High Definition becoming the norm for media it's clear that Developers are trying to find some way to get off the plateau and find a new to present entertainment and it seems that 3D is the route they're choosing like it or not it's going to happen but is it going to be the norm in five years? Or will it just be a side show attraction until the next big thing?

Firstly I must make my stand in that at the moment I don't think 3D technology is anywhere near Developed as it should be to create a lasting impact. In my experience of 3D movies of late I've found they add no more to the acctual experience except the slight illusion of depth and this only comes around by wearing the 3D glasses that some have complained to be uncomfortable. My main vice is that it doesn't add much to the existing experience but in retrospect neither did HD and it still become the next step for media standards.

One of the biggest news of Late is that game Publisher Nintendo are getting the jump on their competition by developing a new handheld console that will feature 3D visuals without the need for the glasses, now this is the really interesting thing, if 3D images can be created without the need for any other devices is truly interesting. For more info click here. For an example of how 3D might look on the DS see the video below.

Last year I went to the Eurogamer Convention where they showed off a variety of games and new technologies, one such was an edition of the hit game "Batman: Arkham Asylum" presented in 3D on the PC, now this doesn't seem as polished as I had to constantly lift the glasses to check I was hitting the right keys on the keyboard. This was the wrong way to do 3D visuals in gaming.

There are many technological advances in terms of entertainment that will give us that new, fresh taste I feel that 3D will become the next step as we've come to far down the line and that there isn't an opposite format. Whilst it seems gimicky and full of teething problems 3D visuals will become the norm in a few years and soon we'll have 3D printed advertisments, the 3D video advertisements. Like it or not 3D is going to be around for a lot longer that you want it to be.

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