Monday, 8 February 2010

Visual Language: The finals

Finally after weeks of hard work I've come to final set of pieces which includes a character sheet and a turn-around for my shark-robot character. The overall time it took the create these two pieces was just under 24 hours, instead of my usual method of drawing on to paper and scanning into the computer to colour I made a rough outline to grasp an idea of the shapes I'd be using then proceeded to use my wacom tablet to create the line work in photoshop. I'm particularly proud of this as it was my first time attempting line work solely in photoshop and the line work was of a much high quality than I was expecting.

(The final Pieces Click to enlarge)

To create the turn around was an interesting challenge as it's something I've never attempted before, a good benefit was that with the front and back views all I had to do was draw out on side, copy, then flip and viola! I have one whole image by only drawing half! The colouring scheme was very similar to the one I had orignally given the rough for this design, I kept with it as I felt it worked very well. The design works well to the idea I had in my head whilst designing the character, that it would be a henchmen class enemy and many of this could exist on the screen at one time. Overall I'm pleased with the results, what do you guys think?

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