Saturday, 20 February 2010

Rss Feeds: Personal Verdict

Before I go into what are my personal Pros and Cons, lets first outline what an Rss Feed is and it's purpose. Now many people often have favourite websites in which they check the latest updates in their interests, take for instance Facebook with it's home page which shows all your friends and groups updates this is a variation on an RSS Feed, except with a proper RSS Feed Application you can set it up to your desktop or web browser to give you all the latest updates of your favourite websites, sounds good right?

Unfortunately what I've found in my own personal experiences is that an RSS Feed hasn't made web browsing any more convenient for me. For a limited period I tried using one but found it to be cumbersome as it was too full of posts from one website and not enough from another meaning the site with less updates got blocked out, if there was some way to filter the feeds into groups by website and then filter those feeds into relevance to my interests perhaps I would enjoy it more, but I use the Internet as a leisure tools as much as an information tool so to have it the posts from sites that I go to look at for fun kind of defeats the purpose of leisure which is basically wasting time, When it comes down to it though I still prefer going to my favourite list in my web browser and click on the site I desire to look as it's slightly more self-rewarding to scroll through and find the updates I'm looking for.

I can see how it would be useful for a more business orientated user as it would be much easier to look through the feed to find the information they need without going to every single website they would have look at one after the other, such example are investors keeping an eye on the companies they have invested in, or film makers keeping up with the latest news from film critics but when it comes to private use I feel RSS feeds make things seem overly compliacted, but perhaps it's because I only have a select few websites that I check regularly.

Overall I don't think it's a case of RSS Feeds being good or bad but more a case of personal preferance as it is a very good application which can stop time wasting when searching for critical updates on websites but for me I enjoy surfing the net.

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  1. Having talked to you about this piece of critical evaluation I decided to come back and read it again. I now see that there is a valid argument going on here but it seems to be a bit lost in wordiness. Try to cut out unnecessary verbage and the message will be much clearer.