Sunday, 28 February 2010

Game Art & Design: Working within the Engine

This week in Game Art & Design, my team gave a presentation on our progress so far and explained where we're going to go from there, it was well received and even helped us develop how we were going to tackle the next stage once all design work had been completed. (See a new creature design to the right.)

Next we re-entered the world of Second Life to develop our skills and to learn how the physics, animations and scripting works. The task was to create a simple windmill so that there would be a solid structure the propeller can be attached to via an axis. The main trick to getting the object to act like a really windmill is all in the placing of the linked propeller to the axis, by selecting the axis before choosing the Link option in the tools section this makes the Axis the main object that will animate once the script has been written to make the object r0tate on the x-axis it will appear as though the windmill is actually working. In the end animation in Second Life is all based on where you put the main object and the proper scripting.

(my Windmill)

Scripting in the key to making things come to life in the virtual world, without the proper script nothing would exist. This can be used to create moving textures to help create the illusions of a realistic waterfall, to make objects susceptible to the environment around it and to even allow interaction between objects and avatars.

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