Monday, 8 February 2010

Game Art and Design: Second Life Adventures

This week in Game Art and Design I learned about creating and manipulating Primative shapes to create objects inside the virtual world of Second Life. The method of creating objects in Second life is very similar to the system of creation fround in the computer program Maya but much more simplistic, I found this much easier to work with than the more mathematical based Maya, I first created a simplistic chair which was made of a a few cuboids and cylinders, to create the hole in the backrest of the seat was fairly simple as all I had to do was select the option and adjust the settings.

The real trick to making an object in Second Life is that once you've placed them together, select them all at once then select the "link" option from the list the Tool Bar, this will keep your object glued together. Using these skills I also created a flag, but to make it act like a really flag all I had to do was enable the acctualy fabric section to be manipulated by the surrounding elements of the virtual world, toggling with such elements such as how it reacts to gravity and wind, by doing so I create the flowing flag effect.

I also learned how to apply textures and as with other things it was much easier than in Maya as to apply a texture all I have to do is bring up the textures menu in the primatives menu then drag and drop it to the side you want to add a texture. You can also just slect a texture for the shape and it'll apply it to every side.

Well that's it for my adventures Second Life Stay tuned for more!

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