Sunday, 21 February 2010

Game Art and Design: Painting on 3D Models

Last time in Game Art and Design I was taught how to create textures to apply to in-game models in Second Life by using Maya to painting staight on to a model, before that though I went through an exersice of applying multiply textures to simular shaped objects. Through the power of Maya I created two cubes and using the Hypershade menu and exporting their UV maps onto one Jpeg file, this allowed me to simulataneously work on two skins at once in photoshop. From their I import the skins back into Maya and apply them to a lambert node in the Hypershade Menu from theere apply them to the shapes, because of the programing having two different skins on one hypershade node allows me to easy apply them to objects of the same dimensions making texture baking slightly quicker.

Next, using a pre-built model of an avatar from Second Life I learned how to paint directly onto a CG-Model's Surface. It's quite a simple interface of selecting the texture menu then clicking "3D-Paint Tool". With this tool is possible to paint straight onto the model with ease, this is a great way to map out prelimanry points of the texture I'll be making as I can then import it into Photoshop to touch up and improve on the rough outlines to create a more finalised texture. I can then pass the file back and forth as a kind of quality check.

These are some great and interesting methods of creating textures, I feel they're going to become a great help in the future.

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