Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Game Art and Design: Creating a character

As stated my group has decided to create a videogame level based on the "sunken Temple" theme, Mark has decided to create the settings, Ben will be creating the music, leaving me with the task of creating the player's avatar and three deadly creatures the player will encounter. I've been thinking about how to approach the 1930s vibe and how that should be incorperated into the character, I've also been looking at actors for inspiration for the character's facial features but so far nothing has been finalised as I'm working on all designs until I come to a level that I feel works well but below are some sketches of a creature design and the character.

( I looked at Sean Connery and Ardien Brody)

(one point of inspiration was bats when it came to the creature design)

I will be looking for at films set in the 1930s to gain a better understanding of clothing from that time and I will also be looking at other actors to try find a face similar to the description of the character in the given brief but also to help me come to a conclusion in designing. I choose to use actors as a base for the character to give it a more dramatic and cinematic idea as I feel like this is a good project to experiment with this concept. Stay tunned for more development pics!

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