Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Game Art and Design: Applying Textures

When it comes to Second life there is a great amount of customisability, essentially allowing users to do what they want providing they have the skill. To practise this one task was to use templates provided by second life to create a t-shirt for my avatar. The process is fairly simply as all you have to do is import the template into photoshop, apply the graphics you want to the templae on a new layer, create an alpha layer and same it as a jpeg or bmp file, upload into Second life and apply the texture to a standard shirt shape in the inventory and apply. This applies to pretty much any thing that belongs to your character including skin!

This wasn't the only thing that I learnt this time, I also laernt how to attach a function to the chair I made last week as it's all about script but there are also action objects that will make avatars interact with the the object it's applied to, such as my chair!

There are also examples of pre-created avatar models that show the extent of what can be done with models and texturing when applied to a character, one such on is a "cardboard box robot" which was created with a series of objects, uploaded textures and avatar shape manipulation, see below.

I hope to develop these skills even more so that I can make my characters look the best they can.

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