Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Check This Out: Akihabara Majokko Princess

Whilst checking up on the lastest updates over at I came across this Video Directed by American, McG most recently responsible for Terminator: Salvation (or "Terminator 4, back to the future, featuring: Batman") and starring Kirsten Dunst of Jumanji fame. This video is a cover of the old Vapours song "Turning Japanese" featuring Kirsten Dunst performing the vocals, now first of all her voice isn't really suited for the song but thats not what bothers me, what's truly concering is the way Japan could be seen when veiwing this video. True the songs lyrics have masturbational metaphors and the video represent this well including Dunst dancing around Japanese folk like their were wooden doll, if that was the desired aesthetic then well done, if not I'd say back to the drawing board.

Thats the other thing that worries me is that with Dunst dancing and almost practically using the people in the video as weird sex toys immersing herself within what others may consider the entirety of japanese culture. Do Westerners just see Japanese culture as what this video shows it to be? With no illustrious and interesting past such as the Shinto Shrines? No signs of Traditions and the wonderful festivals?

Maybe I have this all wrong though, Japanese society is known for being extremely hard worked (and it pays off, their years ahead technologically) perhaps this Video shows that Japan can be a fun place to visit and that whilst their society can be strict it also knows how to let loose. Including the infamousity for pornography, perhaps it's just a lash back of how tightly strung their society is?

See the video below:

What's Your opinion? does this video do more harm than good or am I just worrying to much about McG stereotyping a nation of people?


  1. Just what are you worried about exactly? That video is being racist? stereotyping? That McG has proven himself a c*nt once again?

    Down with this sort of thing!

    You're getting a bit daily mail reactionary about it don't you think?

  2. Well thats the thing I didn't quite know what to think about it. That and the people in the video bar Kirsten Dunst (under direction to do so) seemed to be treated like props and not people.

    I'm not saying that the video is bad but that the conotations could be misconstrued.

    Maybe I am worrying too much...

    Thank for contributing!