Sunday, 17 January 2010

Visual Language Research: Pixel Art Test

Before I even start to make a pixel version of I decided I would make a small graphic to test my capabilities. You can see the result to the right. To make this I used Derek Yu's excellent tutorial on creating sprites and pixel art. I found the shading step to be quite difficult due to the complex shape of a skull so I may do a few more practises with simpler objects before tackling the final piece. Whilst it is not integral to pixel art I tried my hand a "dithering" which is essential making the transitions between colours look more natural. That step was also quite difficult and I think I definetly need more practise with that technique. It's also quite time consuming to create a piece of pixel art but in the end it's rewarding. Whilst this is not the best piece of work I've ever created it was interesting to try and I look forward to improving my skills in this area over the next week for this project and over the next few years as I can see it being a medium I would use again!

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