Thursday, 14 January 2010

Visual Language: outlines

So here we are again, today is just short and sweet. I just want to post the outlines of what I'm calling the Base for my design work, I'll be using these to draw various designs and colour schemes over the top of these two variations. I also worked on a few colour variations of the head shot that would be used in dialogue boxes, you can see all these below.

(The templates for me to start working on)

(Too warhol?)

As you can see from the designs I took the angular properties of the "good" version and applied them to the bad version. I quite liked the effect and feel it gave it a different look to the torpedo like original. Over the weekend I'm going to research into pixel art and how to make so keep an eye out for that post, especially you retro lovers. So far I feel I'm making good progress and at a good pace too, I can't wait to get closer to finishing as well as starting to create pixel art!

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