Sunday, 17 January 2010

Visual Language: More Concepts

Hello again! Just here to share some concepts with you all that I've been working on, two colour ones and two rough sketches. These are just little sketches I'm using to help me develop the shark robot character so just remember none of these will be of a finalised quality. Check them out below!

(Click to enlarge)

As mentioned in my last post I wanted to give the character a weapon to make it at least look challeneging to the player to defeat so the above have them. I like the idea of a shark using a harpoon but I don't like the look of the two handed approach, I also like the idea of a head set on the the top left one purely because I find it funny that a shark would communicate with normal speech. little touches like the skull on the big fist are also quite nice but both these designs need to be worked on as I don't favour them too much. But I feel the shark will be a blue colour!

(Click to Enlarge)

I like the idea that the shark will have something on it's shoulders as I feel it help makes it look bulkier and more robotic. and with the one on the left I like the idea it walks with roller blades. The design on the right looks a bit too much like a knight but I do like the huge development of the "power fist" from the one above as it looks much better with claws, I feel this is an aspect that could make it through to the final design. Whilst using the template is good for getting numerous ideas out quickly I feel I'm slowly getting to the limit of things I could do so I'm going to start doing note book sketches along with these to help development, hopefully settling on a final design by wednesday or friday of this week.

I also feel I'm reaching a limit with robotic visuals so I'm going to look at some of my art books and artwork on the internet to build up some inspiration for robotic designs much like the one below. It was actually when I saw this that I thought I needed to work much more on the robotic aspect, especially some type of chest piece.

(a cool robotic design by Mhannecke)

Keep an eye out for more developments and my first attempt at creating pixel art, so until next time!

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