Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Visual Language: Final concept

After looking over my previous designs for my shark robot character, I started to put together the ideas that I liked onto my template and arranging them accordingly. Check out the final concept to the right. I really liked my first concept but I felt it was lacking in areas, I modified the feet slightly and added the large claw from one of the other designs, I also added a swat vest just to bulky out the character as I felt a robotic chest didn't quite fit. I chose these colours as a base to work with as they're bright and vibrant making them very noticeable on the screen but they also work well with the shark's blue pallet. From here I'm going to develop a turn around for the character, a final presentation piece and a pixel version to see how it would look in it's final form. Overall I'm happy with this design and can't wait to see it perfected.


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  2. Not a bad design. Keep refining it though and it will be better with each revision.

    Also, re: old posts; spell check!

  3. haha, unfortunately time to refine is something I don't have at the moment, I've yet to draw a clean version of it so keep and eye out dude!