Monday, 11 January 2010

Visual Language: Character Design Development

Since last time we chatted I talked about the works of Mike Mignola and since then I have been practising with a few concepts influenced by his work, the best ones that came out were the designs centred around the Shark. Which is good as I've decided to focus on developing only the shark design. Below you can see the results of my experimentation with heavy use of black.

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Whilst these are just roughs I found that doing the preliminary work with pencil and paper and then filling in the rest on Adobe Photoshop to be quite time saving, I really like how it's come out though it gives a lot of depth and personality to the Sharks. I'm still working on various designs until I'm 1005 Happy with the aesthetics but so far I feel I'm developing at a good pace. I've also started to experiment with colour schemes as can be seen below, as I analysed from Mignola's work is that it's perfect for creating the moodiness of the sea. I also create to varients to try out other colour schemes to see which I would prefer further down the line. you can see the results below.

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Also with focusing my development on the Shark concept I've finally figured out what media I plan this character to appear in. The main idea I have is that the character will be a part of a 2-Dimensional Side Scrolling action game where in it'll be one of the countless numbers of bad guys that the hero will have to slay, think a mix of Metroid and Metal Slug. I really Like this concept of it appearing in a game but I still have to work on a minimal backstory atleast, otherwise what would they put next to it's picture in the instruction manual?

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Since I've decided to focus on Sharks I decided it would be appropriate to do some quick studies of sharks, especially the head as that it always where the main focus is when it comes to thinking of a shark. I feel I have made quite some progress as I'm beginning to focus more on a specific design rather than several at once and I feel much more confident when designing, with the addition of colour images I feel this is going to be one of my more successful projects to date, I may also dabble in ways that I can present this character maybe giving a game or cartoonish spin to it Keep any eye out for this one as I feel it's gonna be prmoising!

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