Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Visual Language: Approaching Final Design

As mentioned yesterday I have been working on refining my character design for the "shark robot" for a video game similar to the Metal Slug series. Before I present my I should mention I had a brief crit where the class and I reviewed each others work, two interesting points came up when I mentioned that I was planning to develop the character for a video game such as presenting it with Cel-Shaded graphics to replicate the look of the drawings and I should try developing a hero version. Also mentioned last time was that I should try developing a new look to my character and so I decided to try a cartoonish style, check out the results below:

(Click to Enlarge)

Using these rough doodles I slowly started to develop a look for the cartoon shark that I began to grow on as it was much quicker to draw and more fun to do so as well. I then started to develop the design from there and have come up with two variations of a "base" design that I will use photoshop to create finer versions with colour variations and design modifications so look out for those over the next two days. I will also try to create a pixel version of the designs to emulate the look of the old 16-bit games. You can check out the designs below.

(On the left is the evil version on the right is the good.)

As you can see the good version has characteristics to denote a positive appearance such as clean teeth, wide eyes and good posture. The bad version has slouching posture and defiant eyes, this creates a nice contrast between the two and I feel makes it a little more interesting to see what effects can be given to the same basic concept. I also thought of other ways the character could appear in the game, referencing role playing styled games I decided to start working on various emotions to correspond with the dialogue in the speech boxes, you can see these below.

(The main influence came from old RPGs)

Over the Next four days I'll be working on all these "base" designs and devevloping a more broader volume of work so keep and eye out of posts of the photoshoped developments aswell as the pixel rendition, I personally can't wait to try my hand out, so until next time!

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  1. Dunno if you have yet, but seriously check out Street Sharks, you gotta remember those bad boys? Furthermore the heavy use of blacks adds great contrast to your work a really cool noir style. Moving out of the classic Ken look. Think you should go into it more bro it's looking good! =]