Friday, 22 January 2010

Ken Recommends: Joe The Barbarian

Another week has passed and with it new comics out of the usual assortment of Batmen and Spider-man comics sometimes little gems shine through which other different kinds of stories that are just exciting to read, these are usual published by smaller companies other than Marvel or DC but, sometimes they can be published by the big two under their imprint titles.

This week I present to you Joe The Barbarian #1, written by Grant Morrison with artwork by Sean Murhpy. In this issue the foundations for the story are laid, enter Joe your average teenage boy (it's not stated how old but it's made clear that it's early teens think 12-14 range) Joe's mother seems inattentive to him, he is picked on at schoool, essentially he's Joe Average but with a slight spin and hint of uneasiness, who wasn't uneasy in High School? As the story progresses Joe begins to slip in and out of a fantasy world populated by his toys and it seems something is very wrong with this world and it's in some kind of danger. The cover really does tell you all you need to know about the story and whilst it seems a bit brief the cover price is only $1.00 (£0.75) so it really is a bargain. The art work is phenomenal with copious amounts of detail but into the scenes, the quality of the lines and images work very well with each other creating the sense of a realistic world. The artist has also used camera angles in a cinematic way making it feel like your viewing screen shots from a film, it could be that the writer is pitching a film with this one, but we'll wait and see.

For a first issue Joe The Barbarian is warming up to be an interesting concept with gorgeous art work from Murphy and words from acclaimed writer Grant Morrison, I say go for it if you're looking to add something new to your weekly comic list, hey at £0.75 how could you complain?

For more a look at the interior artwork go to:

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