Thursday, 28 January 2010

Ken Recommends: Daybreakers

Release: 06/05/10
Running Time: 98 mins.
Studio: Lionsgate
Genre: Horror/Sci-fi/Thriller.
Rating: 15+
Director: The Spierig Bros.
Writer: The Spierig Bros.
Starring: Ethan Hawke, Willem Dafoe, Sam Neill & Claudia Karvan.

Enter Daybreakers, set in 2019 were vampires rule over the world in the place of humans and humans are farmed for their blood, with less than 5% of the human race still existing it's becoming clear that both races are a threat of becoming extinct, in a last plight to ensure the survival of the dominant race Charles Bromely (Same Neill) head of the nations largest supplier of blood has employed people to create a blood substitute, within this team we have Edward Dalton (Ethan Hawke) whom is working on this substitute to stop the Vampires farming Humans for their blood.

With the goverment controlling blood rations as supply begins to dwindle the emergence of a more vicious and primal species begins to appear known as "Sub-Siders". After a chance encounter with a small group of still free humans Edward's life is flipped on it's head and the adventure begins complete with everything you'd want from a vampire flick!

For the fairly new writing/directing team of the Speirig Bros. this film is well shot as they cleary took a lot of time in considering what could be done to get the best of the scenes. The concept is something that hasn't been done before which is part of what made this such a refreshing watch, it was really interesting to see both a feasible futuristic environment but also how Vampires would live if they were the dominant species, from a design stand point it's the minor things that fill up the world that make it so visually appealing, the Speirig Bros. have place a lot of effort and love into the look and design of their film. It also keeps up with the classic mythology of Vampires which makes this all the more pleasing to watch as they interact with the mundane, whilst it has all this some of the special effects look a little dated but it doesn't deter from the effect it's trying to create and in that sense it worked to it's advantage as special effects should be used within a narrative but shouldn't be a part of it although, there is a lot of blood...

Whilst the acting isn't going to win an Oscar, it was very entertaining to watch actors with great skill and cult following such as Sam Neill and Willem Dafoe give life to some of the best characters in the film, Hawke's performance as the trouble Vampire was also well done, there are points where other directors could have made sections of his dialogue over the top but it was all delivered tastefully.

I came out of the cinema beaming with delight the film had everything I was expecting with much more than I thought I could want. Neill and Dafoe do really steal the show in some parts but each character gets their time to bloom, the reveal of how the Vampires grew to such a tremendous population is only touched only but it doesn't take anything away from the experience as the film is already full of little delights.

In recent trend of Vampires becoming overly romantasised it's good (and relieving) to see a film that takes the original concept and develops it much further, whilst this film is slated as a Horror it's also an action/adventure romp that gives everything from a strong hero type cast to an amazing Car chase, as stated previously it was the fact things weren't done in an over the top fashion which acctually made this film much better. If you're looking for a good action flick this spring I strongly recommend Daybreakers, just ask if anyone is a little squimish about blood before you take them though.

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  1. That was a thoroughly readable and informative review. The piece flows well, (apart from that very long paragraph in the middle)and I felt as though I was reading the work of a profesional. IT was interesting and has actually persuaded me that I ought to go along to see it.