Monday, 18 January 2010

Game Art And Design: Down The Rabbit Hole

Today I started a new brief in Game Art And Design, before being shown the brief I was introduced to the virtual world known as Second Life, where in denizens have virtual versions of themselves and live a virtual life. That's not why I'm here though, the world of Second Life is bendable to creation and manipulation which makes it a great way to introduce people to Game Design as everything from design mapping to object creation is possible within the virtual realm. Today I created my avatar (you can see it to the right) and modified it slightly to make more appealing. Later in the day I was given the brief which required me and two other people to work together to create a Video Game Level of a Virtual Environment Prototype; A Game Bible and a Development Portfolio (Concept art/schematics/character designs/colour palettes/textures/graphics).

First off I decided to work within my blog group as I knew Mark and Ben are both hard working and I'll get a consistent level of quality from both, once that was decided we looked at the four options we could base our project off, the choices were; "Cloud Village": A fantasy/steam punk MMORPG, "Sunken Temple": A Lovecraft inspired Adventure Game for mature players, "Mad Scientist's Lab": An educational enviroment to teach under 12s about electricity and finally "A Future International Space Station": Which is a virtual conceptualisation of what space stations may look in the year 2050. We all agreed that the Space Station option seemed the most interesting and will be the one we tackle.

The rest of the day was used as getting to know the basics of Second Life and exploration of the worlds. Through this I stumbled across a Japanese island, some of the modeling and customisation was amazing and really make me envious as my avatar was very basic, I also made some new friends shortly after I realised that my Japanese needs some serious work. So far thats all thats happened with Game Art And Design, stay tuned for more!

(My Avatar on Neet Tv Island)

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