Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Check This Out: The Kamikaze 64

I was checking Destructoid earlier today and came across this neat little device titled "The Kamikaze 64". What this device is essentially a portable Nintendo 64, now many of you who are familiar with games will most likely know of all the different kinds of modifications create from old video game consoles the most common seen being belt buckles made from old Nintendo Entertainment System controllers, but there are some really cool things made from old video game consoles! Such as an original Gameboy converted into an iPod, but the main aspect of modding is to create handheld versions of home consoles or just completely twist the design on it's head. One such design that has blown me away is The Kamikaze 64 created by American Hailraizer, with it's sleek design and clear understanding of ergonomics this modder has created something truly interesting, whilst emulation makes everything smaller and easier to carry around it's good to see people still creating these devices, especially with such a highlevel of craftman's ship, but enough of me talking check out the video below to find out more about "The Kamikaze 64".

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