Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Check This Out: Hallucinations

Now I'm aware not many people are fond of the group Angels & Airwaves but I am, and there's nothing you can do to stop me! Anyways for those of you who don't follow the band (formed in 2006 by Blink-182 member Tom DeLonge) have just released a new single completely free for download via their Modlife site. Before I get down to talking about the actual single lets just take a look at the affair of this free distribution of digital singles, I personally feel that it's great it allows people to hear new music without having to feel a sting and in a way it gives the impression the musicians do care about their fan base, I feel that this form of promotion is going to be seen a lot more in the emerging digital age, and of course we all have Radiohead to thank for the basis of this concept.

Enough about that though lets get back to the important part, the actual single! Those familiar with the work of Angels & Airwaves will recognise the opening as something that is usually used for their opening tracks to their previous albums that's a sort of slow build up but as with each one of these each has their different personality whilst clearly being made by the same people a sort of trademark if you will. The main riff kicks in and it's reminiscent of "Valkyrie Missile" until the vocals kick in and it's clear that it's a new song in it's entirety. DeLonge's vocals are back up to standard of previous years, whilst their previous album "I-Empire" was good the vocals sounded slightly deeper in places, very different from DeLonge's usual method. When you first hear the chorus it seems forced but it soon becomes a catchy tune and theres many chords that a familiar to the ear that those might have heard in the last Blink-182 album even to the point where I was sure I heard the exact same notes in the outro of Hallucinations as part of the chorus of "Always". Regardless if you're a fan of general stadium rock or Angels & Airwaves single won't disappoint to get it now download it for free from the band's offical site >> http://modlife.com/angelsandairwaves.

And in other news keep an eye out for Blink-182's return to Europe this year, I know I will.

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