Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Check This Out: Cheap Rockband Repairs

How many people have had this problem? You've enjoyed the Peripherals in Rockband for over a year, past your warranty, enjoying, enjoying, BUT! one day something breaks! you can't return it or get it repaired for free as it's past warranty what do you do? Well I was in this situation not too recently with the Drum peripheral where the red pad stopped regestering hits made by the drum stick I was thinking about buying a replacement at the time as I could buy a full kit for £40 during the January Sales but I hesitated for too long and missed my chance. I recently came across "The Portable Rockband Drum Kit" for £10, I immediately snapped it up!

With this I planned to house the portable drum pads upon the rack of the original kit. The protable kit also comes with a kick pedal thats not as large as the original and does not fit upon the rack so the first test would be to make sure the original kick pedal fits and works with the portable's interface. Fortunately it does! From there I used velcro attaching one side to the portable pad and another to the original pad to keep them in place, the main control inter face fits comfortable in the middle only after some careful placement (see images below) but overall once again I had a fully functional kit again for the low repair cost of £11.99 (£1.99 for the velcro).

(Click to Enlarge)

The pads on the portable kit are built differently to that of the orignial in that they are just pads, no skin over the top which means that when you use the regular wodden drum sticks it can create quite a bit of noise, luckily the portable kit comes with plastic sticks the only down side to this is that they weigh more and slow your performance down a bit and the weight difference is quite noticable.When playing the game the pads don't move due to the velcro which is quite good as one of my fears would be that I would constantly have to re-attach them, another note is the designs on the portable pad are much more appealing than boring coloured circles.

If anyone else falls into this same situation I highly recommend this solution as it's cheap and more than effective the only downside is that you may have to invest in covers for the pad to soften the sounds of the sticks hitting the pads. Overall, go for it!

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