Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Visual Language Research: Mike Mignola

Recently I've been looking at artistic styles to try draw influence from to help represent my characters to help given an extra but of impact when it comes to the visuals. Whilst searching through my own collection of art books, graphic novels and comics and cam across American comic artist Mike Mignola's work, most famous for creating the character Hellboy what artracted me more was his art style. As soon as I looked at it I was immediately enthusiastic and about trying to replicate his style and see what effects it could bring to my imperfect character designs.

An example of Mignola's Work.

What really drew me towards his work when looking for inspiration was the heavy use of black to assist in establishing form and how figures get merged with the shadows only highlighting minor details. There is also something quite haunting found in his imagery which adds a sense of dread, especially when more black is used. it was this sensation of dread I wanted to add to my Shark Warrior character to add a little fear to the design. Even when Mignola's Work is coloured it can usually have an impacting effect in that things can look very dark yet calm, or haunting. Other times it can look warm and friendly creating a good contrast allows for the style to be very flexible.

(more of Mingnola's work)

Another key interest was that when thing were coloured in blues and greys it really gave the feeling of looking at something underwater, something cold with little light and even with a bit of mystery to it's actual form. Along with the heavy use of shading it's something that I'm looking forward to try myself and develop it into something a little more suited for myself and unique looking. Over my development period I'm going to be looking at more of Mignola's Work and try draw influence from it's dark visuals and cold colours as I feel it could really give my character design and extra kick.

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