Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Visual Language: A new Brief approaches!

After completing two mini briefs, "About Me" and "Character Archetype Design", a new brief has been presented to me. I was given the choice of selecting one of the following; "Character Design", "Cityscape" and finally "Photographic Investigation". I decided that I would choose to complete the character design brief as I had a lot of fun working on the previous character achetype design brief, but this time the brief is less vague. I was to create a character by combining two words from the choice below;

Robot, Dog, Cloud, Fire, Fish, Cello, Umbrella, Snow, Tuba and Tomatoe.

I decided on using the words Robot and Fish as these two words arn't often combined it could prove to have some very interesting outcomes and admittedly I already had ideas buzzing in my head at the prospects of trying to combine the two. With that in mind I made a quick mood board to help focus my ideas and gather some ideas for basic concepts, as I am unsure of how I want my creations to look I collected many different styles for inspiration ranging from photographs to paintings to cartoons, there is also a strong sci-fi theme in this mood board which I think translate the robot aspect quite well.

(What will come from this?)

There is also the reason of this character's design that I should consider as for what purpose it's being created for could help me decide how to overall character will turn out; will it be for a videogame? If so what kind? (eg. First person adventure, RPG, Platformer). Or a Film/ Animation/Comic? And finally maybe a Mascot for something much like Tony The Tiger is the mascot of Frosties cereal (a personal favourite). It might also be an interesting angle to try develop a basic character design and modify it to suit each of these medias, especially the videogame one as there are many different genres that I could modify the character for. Below you can find the first two rough sketchs that I created based on the initial ideas I had in my head at the time.

(click to enlarge)

I quite like the idea of the smaller fish having this large mechanical suit with a sort of reversal of an aqua-lung allowing them to survive in places where there is no water, and the concept with the shark as a kind of parody of a diver with it's mechanical limbs. I feel I am off to a good start and want to develop these ideas as well as come up with new ones, this shall be a very interesting brief. Whilst I have not quite chosen the format that this character will appear in I think it'll reveal itself as I progress through the design stages and I get to know my character a little better.

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