Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Visual language: Interm Crit.

his week was the time for the interm crit to show my development on my idea for the character creation brief in which I chose the words "Fish" and "Robot" to combine together to create a new character, my main idea that I seem to be following is that of fish donning robotic suits equipped with reverse aqua lungs that allow them to breathe on land, I've also been working on a back story to the character (/characters). Such as the character living in "sea-ciety" of sorts complete with hierarchies for different types of fish but before I go in to that, let's take a look at the slightly more developed concept of my "fish-in-a-suit".

Above is an image I drew up on adobe Photoshop depicting a more developed look to my initial suit idea, I really enjoy this idea and have been experimenting with different types of fish to place in the suit, with variations of design, but I still need to work on how the legs would appear. The reverse aqua lung is visible on the front of the chest and in the position where the lungs on a person would be. I also used the idea of a large bulking design as I feel it's what is representative of technology with the ability to sustain aquatic life. Overall my inspirations have been sci-fi imagery ranging from "Star Wars" films to the video game series "Half-Life".

Now I mentioned the back story to my character within a society with rulings and a class system. My rough concept for this is that you have the intellectual grouping represented by creatures such as octopuses and squids and maybe small whales that rule of the rest of the sea life, then below them you have other types of fish with fill out the main population. I decided that the Sharks would be the warriors of the "sea-ciety" and have more of a harness than a suit, it would be interesting to see what I could develop with the different types of sharks there are. Then finally creatures like crabs and sea snails are the janitors of my world, but I have still not decided on how they will look.

Whilst I have all these ideas bubbling in my head I feel it would be best to focus on one group and I think that would be the Sharks as I see it to be filled with the greatest amout of potential for various design and it's quite fun to draw sharks aswell. Whilst all this development is coming along on major note made during the crit was that I was still undecided on what media this character will be used in (game/film/mascotbook etc.). That's something that I will be considering as I go along design as I feel the answer will appear during the design process, overall the crit was positive and that I should just continue developing my ideas.

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