Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Visual Language: Character Design Evaluation

Finally here we have the completed character design that I've been working on. In the end I decided to settle for the short hair as I felt it brought a certain uniqueness to the character as a whole. When it came to designing the clothes I was heavily inspired by the character designs found in Lost Planet and the tv-series Neon Genesis Evangelion whilst trying to keep a realistic look. Whilst the clothes take origin from animation and computer games the world in which I envision her is something similar to that found in the film Bladerunner, a cyber punkish but faux-realistic future where society hasn't exactly got better.

(The Final Version of My Character)

I chose quite earthy colours to contrast with typical character designs of futuristic settings, but also to get the feel of heavy construction workers into the design via means of the use of orange as the main colour. I also constructed a back ground for my character aswell as a short biography and profile, I decided that her ethnicity would be Korean as I was trying to think of a nationality not often used in western media, once this was decided I gave the name "Ta-Yun Lee" know as "Tay" for short. The year is set in 2127, 13 years after a world devistating event known as "Impact". The main idea is that Tay would be a sort of anti/no-hero in that she is a help for hire accepting odd jobs whilst also trying to uncover the truth about the event known as "Impact" using military ties that she has gain from both a stint in the armed forces and also through her father. I gave her balanced characteristic of being skilled with technology, extrovert but untrusting and stubborn, also Tay is able to take the itiative in a bad situation.

Developing this character has been an intersting experience and it's something that I really enjoyed but also found that it to be a fun challenge. Designing the costume for the character was a new challenge for me as I wanted to create something practical that would be used in something such as a film. I feel that with the creation of this character I want to expand on her in another format and build on her in narrative form as I think I could create and entertaining story that people would enjoy.

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