Sunday, 6 December 2009

Animation Nine: Starting to Animate

This week was the first expeierence of truly putting together a piece of animation and learning to render it properly and put it together in the computer program "Adobe After Effects". After selecting the render settings and batch rendering (batch rendering being a fuction that turns my animation into a series of images) in Maya I then open up the first image in the sequence and select the render function in After effects which then takes all over images in that sequence and string them together and turns it into a animation in a selected format of the users choice.

Above is an test animation I created to show how my dice piece will move, it's also a good example of how I got to grips with the rendering process. I also looked into early pixar work, most notably Luxo Jr. to just get a grasp off how to handle animating inanimate objects. I looked closely at the movements and studied them to just see how to accurately animate them, I also looked at how a dice rolls in real life.

Animating takes some time and patience but the reward is its self when you see your creations moving, next week I will be focusing soley on turning my storyboard into an animation.

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