Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Animation Eight: Rendering and Lighting

In this week's lesson of Animation I focused on learning how to utilise lighting and textures in the animation & rendering program Maya. There are several types of lights that I could use within Maya but the two main types that you'll use during animation are "Area Light"s which are lights in the shape of a square which gives good lighting to objects and the general environment, the other lighting option is "spotlight" which does pretty much as the name suggests and is good for both area lighting and object lighting. Using a tutorial to set up 3 point lighting I created the image below, with shadows added it makes an image appear alot more realistic and nicer to look at in general.

(Click To Enlarge)

Once I had mastered the the entricities of 3 point lighting I set out to learn how to texture items. By going into the hypershade menu I can add textures to rendered items by selecting from a list of pre-existing ones such as marble. With these texture I can add them as a "Skin" or select bump mapping which will give the affected object 3-D textures similar to the skin.

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With textures and lighting I can give a much more polished look to my animations once they are fully rendered, ofcourse this is at the expense of an increased file size but it is worth it to see the end product, above is the end product and I quite proud in that I feel confident in my skills with both the hypershade menu and use of lighting.

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