Sunday, 15 November 2009

With Apologies ( a HDD Requiem)

For those who haven't been informed over the last two weeks I've suffered from a complete hard drive failure, resulting in me having to get a new one. I have luckily managed to secure most of the files needed to work and I'm glad to say that everything is finally up and running and over this week I will be furiously blogging to finally catch up and be up to speed with all the work, this may result in a lot of [Under Consruction ] signs but by Friday I hope to have everything finished and back up to standard. I apologise for this slip and I'm working towards ammending it, but because of this please understand there will be a lack of non-course work related posts since they take least priority, but they will be posted nonetheless.

I now keep my old HDD on my desk as a constant reminder to always back up...

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