Monday, 16 November 2009

Visual Language Research: Character Design Development

I've started to design and develop my character as stated previously the setting that this character lives in is a futuristic time. Below are notes that I made after creating the rough portrait to indicate roughly what my character would look like. I decided long ago that I wanted to create a female character as strong and memorable female characters are fewer in numbers compared to the male. I also decided to make her Korean just for kicks really... and fairly young but not too young to allow for her to be relatable amoungst a wider group of people.

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I also decided here personality would be that of a strong character but not a rip-off of Lara Croft, one of the more famous strong female protaganists to do this I tried to take attributes from other characters from film and add them too my own such as Deckard from Bladerunner, Ripley from Alien and even Obi-Wan from Star Wars. A main source of Influence for this character and The world she inhabits admitable comes from a mix of the enviroments seen within 1982's Bladerunner but also from a representation of the future found in Japanese sci-fi, most notable that found in animations.

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With the original Sketch of the character's head I wasn't one hundered percent satisfied with the hair style she had, I felt it was too remaniscent of the world I was influenced with when creating her (Bladerunner). I took a head shot I drew of her and scanned it into my computer then importing it into photoshop I started to mess around coming up with various hairstyles, above are the top four that I was fond of.

I'm still developing the character so where she'll go from here I'm not too sure but I'm really interested in seeing how she'll turn out.

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