Monday, 16 November 2009

Learning to use Illustator

When is comes to creating artwork digitally my skills have always not been equal to that with traditonal tools, when the oppertunity to learn how to use Illustrator more successfully arouse I was very excited to start. First I was given a few exercises in learning how to use the pen tool learning the ins and outs, once I had completed that exercise I was told to use the pen tool to illustrate a drawing, below is the original sketch of the character.

By using the pen tool I created the outline and then on a new layer I started using the pen fill tool to add colour. Most of the day was taken up with completing the final piece but it was a great exercise in trial and error, the end result was a very smooth piece of graphic design with crisp lines and bright colours, I'm proud of how the image came out and feel that it looks like it could come off as semi-professional. I now feel more comfortable using illustrator and I have taken alot from the lesson, with this new knowledge and confidence I think I will use illustrator more both as an illustration tool and as a design/type tool.

(The final result of my character.)

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