Monday, 16 November 2009

Creative Industries: Outlining Company Types

In creative industries, as a sort of follow on from the previous task I will be outlining the type of company culture the department is a part of, the company structure and the level of responisbility in regards to the level of management. As stated previously I was looking at the art department within the film company Lucasfilm, first of all I know that The art department is a part of the company with it's own managers and levels within such as Lead artists, plain artists and different type of artists, you have to remember thought hat this is just one department that is part of a larger company. All this means is that the department is a part a company structure know as "Role Culture", this means there will be people incharge of the whole company with people who are incharge of different sectors under their authority, much like the diagram below. This allows for the people at the top to know whats going on within their company without having to keep a constant watchful eye over all of it's employees.

(The top people are the triangle whilst the seperate departments are the pillars)

The company that the Art department belong to is a Privately owned Limited company, this means that there will be little amount of shares which are issued to a limited amount of holders within the company and they are not traded at all on the stock market. Lucasarts' structure in terms of management I feel it follows a more "Operational Management" structre as the department alone let along the whole company is full of "problem solvers" "Frontliners" and a host of other qualities that make it come under that catagorey.

I feel that I have a slightly better understanding of the way some companies work and why it works well for certain situations.

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